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International Line Builders, a subsidiary of Everus, manages its business with a long-term view toward sustainable operations, focusing on how economic, environmental and social impacts help us in Building a Strong America®. 

We integrate sustainability efforts into our business strategy because they directly affect long-term business viability and profitability. Our focus on sustainability strengthens our ability to increase revenues, profitability and competitive advantage, while attracting a skilled and diverse workforce. 

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Some of ILB’s efforts include installing and maintaining wildlife protection devices, promoting emission reduction and fuel conservation, working with wildlife regulatory agencies, protecting water quality, controlling and preventing the spread of noxious weeds, reducing noise, and implementing programs to develop and enhance public spaces in the communities we serve. ILB has three primary environmental goals.


Minimize waste and maximize resources.

be a good STEWARD

Be a good steward of the environment while providing high-quality and reasonably priced products and services. 

follow the law

Comply with or surpass all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements. 


We are committed to identifying diverse suppliers to complement our supply chain. Our belief is that with the development of a diverse and wide-ranging work force, ILB will continue to develop the strength and flexibility to thrive in the future infrastructure marketplace.  

Our robust supplier diversity outreach and mentoring program focuses on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms. ILB strives to find new, safe and qualified suppliers with a goal of mentoring them to become assets within our diversity program.  

ILB is always looking for talented, diverse businesses to integrate into its supply chain. We’ve had great success locating firms by using the state DBE directory in our related work areas as well as attending DBE outreach programs and utility pairing events.  

Since 2009 we have grown our diverse suppliers from three to more than 20, and that number continues to increase. 


At ILB we prosper by staying ahead of customer demands by investing in technology and techniques that reduce emissions and our overall carbon footprint. Those investments include smart office assets, purchasing renewable clean energy, and using the most modern eco-friendly construction equipment and vehicles throughout our operations.  

Because we know having a sound, stable environment is critical to continuing our business, ILB operates in a way that minimizes impacts and promotes conservation while maximizing resource use in meeting our customers’ needs. 

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A sustainable corporation is one that meets the needs of stakeholders while operating in a manner that ensures its future success. To ensure that ILB remains a sustainable corporation, we will: 

  • Maintain a healthy, viable, skilled workforce. 
  • Continue to focus on safety as our top priority. 
  • Provide an inclusive environment that respects the differences and embraces the strengths of our diverse employees. 
  • Maintain adequate financial resources. 
  • Be a good steward of the environment. 
  • Comply with or surpass all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements. 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity from our construction equipment by 2030 compared to 2020 levels. 
  • Ensure asset and operational longevity. 
  • Develop and nurture relationships with stakeholders.