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Safe crews are productive crews. Our team members discuss and plan their work before they do it, identifying and eliminating potential hazards before they can occur. Working with a sharp focus on safety often allows us to meet or beat deadlines, stay on budget and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

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employees in a safety meeting

At each job site, our operational managers conduct a job hazard analysis prior to beginning any work. This helps our crews identify any unique situations that require additional advanced safety planning and preparation, ensuring that we are prepared and thinking ahead of any hazards that may arise.

Performing hazard analysis helps us prevent accidents and maintain the safest work environment possible for all our employees.  

Gold Shovel Certified

International Line Builders is Gold Shovel Standard certified. Gold Shovel Standard is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure. 

Recent Safety Awards


Training and certifications are an ongoing commitment. Every new employee goes through safety orientation, and our crews conduct daily job briefings and daily task hazard analyses to stay mindful and attentive to the tasks at hand.  

  • We conduct quarterly joint training with one of our major customers regarding safety and operations. Our industry is ever-changing, and this training ensures we keep up with the best practices and regulations. 
  • New hires participate in three days of pre-employment screening, testing and training. 
  • CPR training for all crews.  
  • Foreman training. 
  • Senior leadership training, covering numerous topics that include safety and communication skills. 
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ET&D Partnership

Everus, our parent company, was one of six original signatory contractors, along with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, Edison Electric Institute and National Electrical Contractors Association, to form a strategic partnership with OSHA to reduce injuries and fatalities in the line construction industry.  

The partnership has developed industry-specific training courses and best practices to address the most common injury-producing situations, resulting in a significant reduction of lineman fatalities nationwide. Download the free best practices app at